2017 VynAll In Ground Pool Liner Patterns

New for 2017!

All the pool liners we sell will come with a 5 year Extended Service Contract in addition to the industry leading 25 year Warranty. This protection adds up to $2000.00 water and labor allowance! Also, every liner we sell will have the exclusive UltraSeam on both the Floor and Walls!

The VynAll Pool Liner 2017 Brochure can be downloaded in .PDF Here

Light Patterns

Selecting a pool liner pattern from our collection of light pool liner patterns will give your pool water a refreshing shade of blue. The calming effect of the azure water reflects a clear blue sky.

Tan Sierra / Gold Pebble
mil: 27/27
Marble Inlay / Crystal
mil: 27/27
Dolphin / Seabrook
mil: 20
Admiral / Seabrook
mil: 20
Capri-Fresco II-pool-liner-pattern
Capri / Fresco II
mil: 27
Santa Cruz / Sand Stone
mil: 27 27/20 20

Medium Patterns

For some people, style is a careful harmonizing of extremes - not too light, not too dark, but somewhere in between. The collection of medium pool liner patterns might be just right if you want your pool to be the best of both worlds.

Moonstruck / Creekstone
mil: 27
Vintage Mosaic / Blue Mosaic
mil: 27 27/20
Stonebraid / Royal Prism
mil: 27
Panama / Royal Prism
mil: 27/27
Pacific Tide / Prism
mil: 27 27/20 20
Midnight Barolo / Natural Grey
mil: 27
Havana / Creekstone
mil: 20
Hampton / Seaglass
mil: 27 27/20 20
Dynastie / Blue Granite
mil: 27 27/20
Courtstone / Natural Grey
mil: 27
Cambridge / Royal Prism
mil: 27
Barolo / Prism
mil: 27 27/20
Cobalt Lake / Grey Mosaic
mil: 27
Mountain Top/ Blue Mosaic
mil: 27 27/20 20
Spiral Mosaic / Ocean Breakers
mil: 27
Princeton / Gemstone
mil: 27 27/20 20
Chesapeake / Gemstone
mil: 27 27/20 20

Dark Patterns

If you're looking to add some sophistication and impact to your landscape, then our collection of dark pool liner patterns might be just what you're looking for. The deep blue water is uncommonly bold and beautiful, making an impressive statement. Contact us today for a quote!

Cancun / Blue Granite
mil: 27 27/20 20
Bali / Blue Granite
mil: 27 27/20
Williamsport / Blue Stone
mil: 27 27/20 20
Summerwave / Deep Blue Fusion
mil: 27
Ocean Barolo / Natural Blue
mil: 27
Legends / Deep Blue Fusion
mil: 27
Coventry / Prism
mil: 27 27/20
Aruba / Blue Granite
mil: 27 27/20
Courtstone / Natural Blue
mil: 27
Indigo Marble / Blue Granite
mil: 27 27/20
Sapphire / Majestic Sky
mil: 27 27/20 20
Lancashire / Blue Stone
mil: 27 27/20 20

In Ground Liner Thickness Options

Once you've selected the pattern you feel best fits your sense of style, you'll be ready to consider the options for vinyl thickness or (mil thickness). All the liners we sell are precision crafted of premium virign vinyl and are highly durable. They come with a 25 Year Warranty and CTPoolLiner.com adds an Extended Service Contract to every Liner we sell.

CT Pool Liner initially quotes all of our customers with the DuraWall (TM) 27/20 annd includes the option to upgrade to a full 27mil liner if desired.

DuraWall (TM) 27/20 mil

The Durawall is the combination of a 27 mil wall with a 20 mil floor. This creative combination puts the strenght of 27 mil where you need it most, providing both performance and affordability. These liner thicknesses together are well suited for Connecticut's New England climate with freeze and thaw cycles.

Premium 27 mil

A 27 mil wall and floor is the most heavy duty liner configuration we sell. It is a popular choice in respect to strength and durability and will bring peace of mind knowing that you've selected the best protection against the elements.

Everyone of VynAll's 2015 Patterns are available in 27/20 with the exception of "Metro Black Granite" which is only available in 20 mil.
"Santa Cruz Seastone" and "Royal Allure Sandstone" are Available in 27/20 and 20mil.
"Tremblant Glass Beach" is only available in 27/20

What is a "mil" anyway?

A"...mil, is most commonly used in engineering and manufacturing. For example in specifying:
The thickness of items such as paper, film, foil, wires, paint coatings, latex gloves, plastic sheeting, and fibers. A "mil" is not to be confused with millimeter. Mil actually stands for 1/1000th of an inch or (.001 inch) A few examples, most plastic ID cards are about 30 mils in thickness (.030 inch) from Wikipedia:"mil" Paper may be between (0.0028 in) = 2.8 mil and (0.0071 in)= 7.1 mil thick

Get this: 13.5lb copy paper runs about .00275 inch So, 10 sheets of cheap copy paper will roughly equal 27.5mils... something to waste time with at the office today when you should be working!!!

In Ground Pool Liners

2017 Pool Liner Patterns

In Ground Liner Patterns

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