CT Pool Liners.com Product Warranty


VYN-ALL POOL PRODUCTS , hereinafter referred to as the MANUFACTURER, issues the following warranty.
The MANUFACTURER warrants that the Vyn-All pool liner will not leak due to a seam seal delamination when the liner is subjected to ordinary use. If the MANUFACTURER'S inspection confirms a claimed defect, MANUFACTURER will replace or repair at its option any liner found to be defective within the appropriate warranty term shown above and the PRO-RATED schedule below. Replacement or repair of a defective liner under this warranty is at the MANUFACTURER'S option and does not include shipping and handling. The MANUFACTURER further warrants that the liner will fit into the finish pool excavation when the finish pool excavation is exactly the same as the dimensional specifications given to produce the liner. The warranty is issued to the original consumer
only and cannot be transferred. The warranty term begins at the date of installation for outdoor liners and is PRO-RATED after the first or fifth year. If the warranty is a Lifetime Warranty for The Pool Depot “pool kit package,” then the warranty term covers the duration of ownership from date of installation, PRO-RATED after the first year. Irregularities in printing, fading or tile alignment are specifically excluded from this warranty. Raw materials used in the fabrication of the liner are not produced by Vyn-All Pool Products; therefore, any failure due to material defects must be referred to the manufacturer of the raw materials. The MANUFACTURER shall not be responsible for any damage or defect to the liner which results from fire, insects, animals, floods, acts
of God, or from an act or acts of others, and the MANUFACTURER shall have no liability to replace or repair any liner that is so damaged.


A. Apply the Danger No Diving Decals per the instructions included in this booklet and attach the Warranty Validation Sticker (found on your No Diving Decals sheet) to the Liner Warranty Registration Card to activate warranty coverage and verify receipt of Danger No Diving Decals.
B. Fill in the Liner Warranty Registration Form at the back of this booklet, sign it and mail within thirty (30) days of the installation of your liner.
Mail to: Vyn-All Pool Products, 12 Forbes Road, Newmarket, NH, USA 03857-2068.
C. Make sure the liner is installed in accordance with Vyn-All's "Installing Your Inground Pool Liner" instructions included in this booklet. The MANUFACTURER is not responsible for improper installation which does not comply with these instructions. The MANUFACTURER is not responsible for: tears, punctures, scuffed-off print, print distortion, discoloration, print removal caused by automatic pool cleaners, wrinkling of the vinyl caused by permanently installed pool covers, any damage or changes to the fit of the liner as a result of ground water (underground water table, shipping damage, improper handling, improper installation or storage. To learn more, read information packaged with liner.
D. Make sure the liner is not exposed to excessive heat or cold, chemical abuse or lack of proper chemical maintenance. The temperature of the liner itself should be a minimum of 60° F or 16° C at the time of installation. Chemicals should not be allowed to settle undissolved onto the liner, as chemicals can bleach the color or liner pattern; for this reason, DO NOT USE floating chemical dispensers. Keep water circulating the entire time chemicals are dissolving in the skimmer. The pH of the pool water must be properly maintained. Stabilized chlorine products should be used to maintain the chlorine balance.
E. Proper winterizing procedures must be followed: a pool cover must be on the pool during the period of the year when the pool is not in use.


1. A through E above must be complied with in full.
2. The pool liner must be kept full of water at all times after installation. The MANUFACTURER will not be responsible for any irregularities or imperfections which result to the liner due to the removal of water from the pool.
3. This warranty is issued to the original consumer only and no other party may make claim against this warranty. The original consumer may make the claim directly to Vyn-All only when the selling dealer/distributor is not available to make the claim on the original consumer’s behalf. A claim must be made immediately after an alleged warranty problem occurs. At the time the claim is made, Vyn-All will require the original proof of purchase, the serial number, date purchased, date installed, and any other information or proof that may be requested.
4. Vyn-All Pool Products will not be responsible for labor charges, cost of replacement water, replacement chemicals, or any other related damages that may occur.
5. This warranty is in lieu of all other expressed or implied warranties of the MANUFACTURER and the selling dealer or distributor, including any implied warranty, merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. Neither the MANUFACTURER nor the dealer or distributor assumes or authorizes any person to assume, on its behalf, any other obligations or liability.
6. Any liner replaced or repaired by the MANUFACTURER shall be installed or re-installed at your own cost. The MANUFACTURER will not assume liability for damages to persons or property caused by faulty installations.


Pro-rated warranties are pro-rated after the first year or fifth
year, depending on Warranty type (see schedule at right), based
on the suggested retail list price of a new liner at the price in
effect at the time the defective liner is replaced.

20 & 25 Year Standard Warranties
Within one year............N/C
2nd thru 5th yr.............1/3
6th thru 10th yr............1/2
11th thru 20th yr..........2/3 (20 Yr Wrty)
11th thru 25th yr..........2/3 (25 Yr Wrty)

25 Year Extended Warranty
Within five years..........N/C
6th thru 10th yr............1/3
11th thru 15th yr..........1/2
16th thru 25th yr..........2/3

Lifetime Warranty
Within one year............................N/C
2nd thru 5th year..........................1/3
6th thru 10th year.........................1/2
11th thru duration of ownership...2/3

POOL TYPE O: Diving is prohibited.
Owners Please Read This: Your pool, using the pool liner dimensions as given, has been classified as Pool Type 0, using the American National Standard for Residential Outdoor, Inground Swimming Pools - ANSI/NSPI-5 2003. This standard covers specifications for the design, equipment, operation, installation, new construction and rehabilitation of residential outdoor, inground swimming pools. All rules that apply to a particular Pool Type as stated in the ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 code book must be adhered to in order for that Pool Type to apply. Make sure that all the safety materials packaged with this liner have been given to you. Please read and follow all suggestions. Regardless of the Pool Type, never allow diving into the shallow end of your pool. Never swim alone. Always supervise pool use. Read, understand and enforce all pool use rules, and post the No Diving decals and signs. The rope and float assembly and wall anchors must be installed on new pool construction and reinstalled on a rehabilitation. Install at a minimum of 12” and a maximum of 24” on the shallow side of the change in floor slope (shallow break) parallel to the width of the pool.

NOTICE: This Warranty is not intended for use with any commercial pool. If a residential Warranty is provided to you in error or Vyn-All Products Corporation is not made aware that the pool is for commercial use, the residential Warranty is null and void. The standard 90-Day Commercial Warranty will apply. If you would like a copy, please send a written request to the following address: Vyn-All Pool Products, 12 Forbes Road, Newmarket, NH 03857.

E-mail: info@ctpoolliner.com