Due to the material shortages and demand in our supply chain we will not be selling above ground liners this season unless something changes. Last season's deliveries and availability were terrible due to the pandemic and we are opting not to involve our customers in unknown wait times and dealing with the poor service other distribution channels provide us and in turn our customers.

Custom Inground liner pattern/material will remain an option for above ground liners, although these are 2-3 times the cost of your standard above ground liners which puts the price squarely out of most consumers' price range. Prices end up somewhere between $1200-1500 before installation and water costs when using inground material.

We WILL install customer supplied liners starting at $850 plus tax. This DOES NOT include water delivery, which is required. This DOES NOT include gaskets, faceplates, screws which are also required. We DONT install foam on the floors or walls, but WILL install geotextile fabric padding you provide. We DO NOT honor water/labor/ material warranties on liners we don't supply

We realize these terms don't leave much in the way of flexibility, but we're being upfront and honest with you in an effort not to waste your time.

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In Ground Liner Patterns

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